Gavin Guthrie

The Totality

Medical Records MR-082
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2nd full length album by Gavin Guthrie AKA TX Connect (previous releases on Crème Organization and L.I.E.S.). Influenced by a diverse background of Italo, acid, horror soundtracks, industrial and EBM, Gavin crafts dance floor stompers using analog tools and tape. Not only a producer, he’s also a reputed DJ and head honcho at Texas Recordings Underground (TRU) record label. Spread over 2 LPs, these 10 tracks will be atomic bombs in your next DJ set but could just as easily be the soundtrack to your next cerebral vacation. All tracks carefully mastered by Martin Bowes.

Gavin Guthrie: The Totality

AciDDDD-1 Gavin Guthrie 6' 59''
4 For Blood Gavin Guthrie 6' 48''
The Totality Gavin Guthrie 7' 34''
Ectoplasmic Beats Gavin Guthrie 5' 48''
Home Furnishings Gavin Guthrie 5' 59''
Secret Archer Gavin Guthrie 4' 07''
Sketchy Impala Gavin Guthrie 4' 35''
The Impending Gavin Guthrie 8' 35''
Sound Mind In A Sound Body Gavin Guthrie 5' 18''

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