Gavin Russom

Lost Tape Archive

Ecstatic EMC028
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Ecstatic present a companion piece to their retrospective of Paper Eyes material from Gavin Russom with this limited tape featuring two live shows from 96/97 and a fake radio show also from ‘97 with a live studio appearance in which he interviews himself...

Previously restricted to a series of self-released tapes, Gavin Russom’s early Paper Eyes project was given a much-needed reappraisal by Ecstatic who dropped the warped delights of Source Cognitive Drive – Transmissions 1996-1998 back in May. Providing an intriguing snapshot of Russom’s state of mind in the months following his arrival in NYC from Providence, the 16-track Source Cognitive Drive channelled a harsh and abrasive spirit that was comparable to Container, Wolf Eyes and Carlos Giffoni.

In contrast to the previous Paper Eyes record on Ecstatic, this cassette presents the project in a different light. Two uncredited performances recorded sometime between 1996 and 1997 sit on the B side, the gritty quality of the recording only enhancing the shredding nature of Russom’s sets! Complementing these, Ecstatic have scored a fake radio show from ’97 in which Russom spoofs it up as Jonny Stardust, interviewing himself before delivering another scorching Paper Eyes meltdown.

Gavin Russom: Lost Tape Archive

Paper Eyes on WROK (February 1998) Gavin Russom 24' 03''
Paper Eyes at Oberlin (March 7th 1997) Gavin Russom 7' 45''
Paper Eyes Live at (May 1997) Gavin Russom 11' 51''

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