The Wound And The Bow

Profound Lore Records PFL 163 LP
  • LP: Includes download, Ltd. to 400 copies, incl. printed Inner Sleeve
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New York avant-garde technical prog / death metal two-piece Geryon is comprised of one half of Krallice: Nicholas McMaster and Lev Weinstein. Employing simply bass guitar, drums and vocals, the pair conjures complex layers of meticulously crafted tones, maintaining a volatile equilibrium of dissonance and melody.

Pulling from their work in Krallice as well as their time spent in Astomatous (the Chicago band McMaster and Weinstein had in the mid-’00s), the duo strips their chaotic sound to its bare minimum elements. The Wound and the Bow, a followup to 2013’s self-titled debut, is an enveloping listen—a bizarre, twisted and ultimately unforgettable sonic journey lead by two fearless sonic explorers.

Geryon: The Wound And The Bow

Silent Command Geryon
Dawn Geryon
Lys Geryon
Skein Geryon
Legion Geryon
The Wound & The Bow Geryon
Dioscuri Geryon

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