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Ideal Recordings IDEAL165LP
  • LP: Ltd. to 300 copies on white vinyl
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Ideal recordings follow up aces by JASSS and Vanligt Folk with an album of insane, hand-cranked, lo-fi anti-music in Gabi Losoncy and Allen Mozek’s Good Area’s Macbeth, coming off the curled back of their sides for Kye, Recital, and Hanson Records. Sounds like a sedated Yeah You or Smegma jamming with anguished alley cats on a battery of garbage, that artwork!!!

“Once upon a time, there were two very difficult people who loved music very much. They loved music so much that they stayed together despite having clear signs that it was not necessarily the right thing to do. They made music together, or next to each other, and everything that happened, happened in the music. It was all whatever, but they still like it.

iDEAL presents Macbeth, Good Area's second LP (first one was on Graham Lambkins great KYE label). It's the best material they ever did, and their last one ever. Lo fi beauty for anyone into the calmer parts of BRAINBOMBS, maybe The DEAD C, or for you worshipping the Siltbreeze catalog OR just anyone insane enough to get into deep, weird stuff.”

Good Area: Macbeth

Macduff, Part 1 Good Area 2' 00''
Macduff, Part 2 Good Area 2' 00''

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