Hamish Kilgour


Ba Da Bing BING 145 LP
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The Finklestein Universe expands! Upon releasing Finklestein last year, a theme album about a fictitious kingdom, Hamish Kilgour simultaneously put out Funklestein which saw two side-long tracks that delved deeper into Kilgour’s fairytale world. Now, the fairytale grows even more nuaced, as Ba Da Bing presents Franklestein—a series of radical remixes which use the Finklestein sessions as a starting point but, being “frank,” are new compositions. Each track is an orchestra in a teacup, sounding like the best Velvet Underground boots suffused with dance beats, allowing unexpected room for autoharp, vibraphone and glockenspiel.

Hamish Kilgour: Franklestein

NYC Blackout Hamish Kilgour 30''
Say What? Hamish Kilgour 30''
Open/Top Off Hamish Kilgour 30''
Close/Not 2 Much Hamish Kilgour 30''
Open - Little Off The Top Hamish Kilgour 30''
Close - Geo/Thermo Hamish Kilgour 30''
Open/The "Creamer" Hamish Kilgour 30''

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