Nomadic Kids Republic NKR004
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Haruki is the pseudonym of composer/sonic artist Boris Snauwaert from Ghent, Belgium, who creates sonic environments through the precise, meditated amalgamation of a diverse variety of sounds, both musical and non-musical. In any given track Haruki combines any or all sound sources; field recordings, acoustic instruments, acoustic noises, found samples, sampled instruments and so on.
Now that we have that covered, we may as well talk about the album itself right? Well the truth is, this bio really does cover the work of Haruki rather well, as ambiguous as it is. Haruki’s work is so open and various, its hard to keep up but keep up I have and been a fan of his work for a long time now. Falling is probably the deepest NKR release to date, maybe one of the deepest records to emerge in a long time. Lots a bass instruments are used such as tuba, double bass, and the ilk, alongside some circuit bent keyboards, stomp boxes, field recordings, among other things. This gives it a wonderfully organic feel and development, and unlike a lot of laptop-based music, its much more live sounding, perhaps an appropriate background being a seedy Brussels bar (I do love Brussels at night). Haruki continues to push open the envelopes around him in the broodiest of ways.

Haruki: Falling

Shrinking Cities Haruki 5' 36''
When To Stumble And When To Fall Haruki 6' 39''
A Little Bear Voice Haruki 4' 24''
So, Now We're Even Haruki 2' 54''
Tall As Tails Haruki 11' 18''

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