Head Boggle

Serge Modular In Hi-Fi

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Head Boggle returns to the vinyl format with what is perhaps his most refined and focused work to date. "Serge Modular In Hi-Fi" was recorded in early 2012 at the S.F. City College Electronic Music Lab utilizing a vintage pre-STS Serge Modular Synth system and was conceived as a pseudo aural "cubist" sound piece with an intention to achieve pseudo 3D "cubed" sound through discrete recording and mixing techniques. The only effects utilized were four or more analog delays being played real-time a la dub/reggae mixing techniques. The final selections were then sent to Kramer at Noise Miami for hi-fi correction and an aesthetic mastering treatment and then to Jeremy Bible for a final mastering treatment specifically for the vinyl format resulting in a sonically rich listening experience of hallucinatory synthesizer ragas.

Derek Gedalecia has commanded the attention of the avant/noise underground as Head Boggle for nearly a decade now, showcasing his unpredictable live performances and omnivorous synth mastery in DIY venues across the country – and on over 60 physical releases on labels like Baked Tapes, 905 Tapes, Spectrum Spools, and his own Greedmink imprint. The Head Boggle catalog speeds into the future as a continuing experiment with new equipment, compositional processes, and live performance tactics, as each release pushes the boundaries of his gear and his mind into more and more maniacal post-post-Subotnick free-for-alls.

Head Boggle: Serge Modular In Hi-Fi

'05 Special Head Boggle 1' 52''
'68 News Head Boggle 7' 24''
'59 Rhapsody Head Boggle 2' 31''
'19 Orchestra Head Boggle 2' 03''
'53 Raga Head Boggle 4' 14''
'63 Dance Head Boggle 2' 01''
'67 Dressing Room Head Boggle 4' 41''
'56 Tune Head Boggle 3' 01''
'62 Cage Head Boggle 5' 41''
'78 District Party Committee Head Boggle 5' 16''

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