Teilzeit Swag

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Heimer is an up-and-coming electronic musician, producer and visual artist based in Berlin, Germany. With his hip-hop, dance and pop influences, he bridges the gap between genres like grime, dubstep, footwork, skweee, acid-jazz and soul.

His debut album Teilzeit Swag is an adventurous musical journey, that is as visceral as it is meditational, as intricately composed as it is eclectic, all while telling a story about part-time living, the joy of skiing and a shady hill named "Beverly“.

Meticulously dug out samples are layered with funky synths, gruff rock guitars, bold melodies, and dry electronics before they melt into a unique kaleidoscope of musical styles. From "Icy Grips’s“ bouncy introduction, to "Amiga-3D-Säure’s“ hippie-esque 70’s vibe, to "White Out Part. II’s“ dark grime theme, onto "Smacks United’s“ mellow jazzy outro - Teilzeit Swag has a common thread that runs through recurring parts of deep flows, strong melodies and unexpected breaks. While its first Single "Beverly The Hill“ falls into a catchy slow and deep hip-hop groove that is hard to escape, "Uni-T’s“ almost chaotic and nervously expanding vibe pushes the envelope onto next level soundscapes.

Due to Heimer’s long time interest in the mechanics and inner-workings of recording and musical equipment, he has been able to teach himself how to fix, customize and create homemade and found musical equipment. His fascination for music and sonic exploration results in a broad spectrum of creative of musical output. On Teilzeit Swag he collides genres while never losing track of its own essence. It’s a versatile introduction to Heimer’s rich world of sounds that always strikes a balance between joyful complexity and bold simplicity.

Heimer: Teilzeit Swag

Icy Grip Heimer 3' 54''
Cozy Prius Heimer 4' 00''
Actroid Gurl Heimer 3' 35''
Up/Down Heimer 2' 52''
QQQ Heimer 3' 42''
Amiga-3D-Säure Heimer 3' 59''
Uni-T Heimer 1' 31''
Beverly The Hill Heimer 4' 54''
White Out Pt. II Heimer 1' 41''
Rm -rf /* Heimer 4' 03''
Smacks United Heimer 2' 53''

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