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Faith is the first full-length sound release by media researcher and curator Heitor Alvelos under his own name. Heitor Alvelos has been a long-time on/off collaborator of Touch, having on occasion provided photography and stage visuals for Biosphere, Fennesz, BJNilsen, Rafael Toral and Philip Jeck, as well as releasing sound pieces under the aliases Autodigest, Antifluffy and Before Surgery, on Ash International, TouchRadio and The Tapeworm.

“The essence of the present piece is autobiographical: therefore the use of my own name”, the author clarifies. “And yet it aims at being resonant to others”: in this context, resonance may be regarded as both semantic and visceral, as the sound frequencies on Faith are often of the kind that “rearrange one’s organs”, to quote the recently departed Bernadette Martou. A necessity in order to carry the gravitas inherent to the subject, a confessional confrontation with the zeitgeist.

All sources have been gathered, recorded and produced throughout five decades, all the way back to a recording by Francisco Alvelos in 1972 that closes the release. Elsewhere, sounds have been processed to various degrees, the bookends retaining their original contexts, others mutating into deep abstraction. Overall, they flow as one single composition, evocative and foreboding in equal measures.

Heitor Alvelos: Faith

Errant Heitor Alvelos 1' 01''
Exodus Heitor Alvelos 1' 43''
Edict Heitor Alvelos 55''
Alluvion Heitor Alvelos 4' 10''
Pseudoself Heitor Alvelos 8' 06''
Vicarious Solace Heitor Alvelos 54''
The Way of Malamat Heitor Alvelos 10' 06''
Peirasmos Heitor Alvelos 2' 37''
The Other Heitor Alvelos 5' 53''
Home, Elicited Heitor Alvelos 29''
The Hopeful Night Heitor Alvelos 4' 08''
Dedication Heitor Alvelos 18''

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