Clear Tamei / Steel Mogu

Brainfeeder BF079
  • LP (color): Clear Vinyl, incl. comic strip
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"For those who are unfamiliar with Iglooghost … well, let’s just say you should brace yourselves. There are few artists currently recording who have a sonic aesthetic as dense as the one born Seamus Malliagh. His tracks are digital overloads that draw from juke, braindance, IDM, trap and computer game music. Cartoonish and clever, every element of the Iglooghost experience is meticulously crafted - from the drums that remain ultra-precise even as they run at impossible speeds to the new language Malliagh has created for his lyrics. Close compatriots include artists like Ziur and Sophie, but the truth is that there isn’t really anyone else out there doing what Iglooghost does. And it feels like he’s getting better with each record too."

Iglooghost: Clear Tamei / Steel Mogu

Påleo Mamu Iglooghost 39''
New Vectors Iglooghost 3' 32''
Clear Tamei Iglooghost 4' 22''
Namā Iglooghost 4' 05''
Shrine Hacker Iglooghost 7' 45''
First Vōids Iglooghost 42''
Steel Mogu Iglooghost 4' 05''
Black Light Ultra Iglooghost 4' 34''
Mei Mode Iglooghost 3' 16''
Niteracer Iglooghost 4' 42''

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