In Aeternam Vale

Dust Under Brightness

Minimal Wave MW036
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Minimal Wave presents a second volume of selections from their French favorites, IN AETERNAM VALE. Culled from a vast archive of recordings, these tracks were originally self-released on various cassettes by the band’s frontman LAURENT PROT between 1985-1988. The sound ranges from early EBM / industrial to gristly coldwave to dark reverby guitar psychedelia. This record illustrates the stylistic range that, through experimentation and fearlessness, Laurent Prot and PASCAL AUBERT were capable of producing. To quote a review from In Aeternam Vale’s self-titled LP (2009): “All the caustic, lazy, lowbrow/highbrow genius is there and even though the music is still raw, ramshackle and DIY-sounding, it’s produced and mastered like a MOTHERFR!”. Limited edition pressing of 999 hand-numbered copies, housed in matte heavy weight printed sleeve and black paper innersleeve. Special thanks to EAMON ORE-GIRON for providing the cover painting.

In Aeternam Vale: Dust Under Brightness

Dust Under Brightness (2) In Aeternam Vale 58''
Dance Binaire In Aeternam Vale 59''
Twist Again In Aeternam Vale 1' 02''
Mat In Aeternam Vale 1' 03''
Metal In Aeternam Vale 1' 08''
Annie In Aeternam Vale 4' 25''
AL W In Aeternam Vale 3' 57''
Strawberry Flower In Aeternam Vale 6' 17''

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