Early Works 1980-82

EM Records EM1127LP
  • LP: Incl. printed innersleeve
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With this release, we shine a light into the dark and yet strangely uplifting world of Inryo-fuen's early 80s wonderland: a surreal, adventurously analog, positively negative realm of freedom. Following the EM Records release of Inryo-fuen's enigmatic "Ho-Aku", "Early Years 1980-82" collects the band's earliest recordings, originally released on flexi and vinyl, here re-edited, re-mixed and remastered, available now on 12" vinyl and CD. With enlightening notes by band member Jun Harada providing historical background and recording information, stressing their love of improvisation and their ongoing quest for liberation, this is a landmark release, offering a glimpse into a hitherto inaccessible netherworld of the Tokyo/Yokohama post-punk underground. The music here, all improvised, with many of the pieces recorded live, have an edge-of-the-world electricity, informed by the group's fascination with the Surrealist idea of Automatic Writing. The launch point is a brutalist, knuckle-dragging Conrad/Faust thug-riff featuring the hectoring rants of a stage-invading student activist, dramatically melded with the music by the sound engineer. From there we traverse manifold realms, variously propulsive and static, dense and pointillistic, threatening and whimsical, opaque and translucent. Inryo-fuen's searching use of the basic rock instrumentation of drums, bass and guitar is augmented with keyboards and, on one piece, acoustic instrumentation. No overdubs, no vocals. Only sound and freedom.

Vinyl version in full-colour innersleeve with liner notes by Jun Harada (Inryo-Fuen) and lyrics, CD version comes with 12 pp. booklet and includes two bonus tracks.

Inryo-Fuen: Early Works 1980-82

Uncompromising Inryo-Fuen 8' 45''
The Scheming Cat Inryo-Fuen 6' 54''
Hammer Clock Inryo-Fuen 4' 22''
Ground Rock Inryo-Fuen 23' 55''
Record Of The Forest Inryo-Fuen 9' 43''
That Which Falls From The Sky Inryo-Fuen 11' 00''

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