Irene Dresel

Hyper Crystal

Room Records ROOM008LP
  • 2LP: Transparent Clear Vinyl
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Techno music high in color, sensual and frontal, that's how to describe in a few words the world of Irène Drésel. A hypnotic world in which languorous BPM mix with crystalline melodies, defying the expectations of more than one listener of the genre. A polymorphous artist who left the Parisian frenzy for the quiet of the countryside, Irène Drésel takes care of her world down to the smallest detail, as the roses that gracefully overhang the cold steel of her machines testify on stage.

If Irène Drésel composes alone, she is accompanied live by percussionist Sizo Del Givry, embellishing a certain aura this visual singularity. A duet that does not exclude the occasional intervention of other guests.

Irène Drésel, who has performed many concerts, such as the first part of Rone at the Zenith in Paris in the summer of 2018, also had the opportunity to perform on the scene of large-scale festivals. Among them are Le Printemps de Bourges, Fnac Live, Panoramas or Les Nuits Secrètes

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