Ironing Music

Ironing Music

Medical Records MR-070
  • LP: Ltd. edition of 300 copies on 180 gram black vinyl
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Medical Records in collaboration with Crispy Nuggets blog reissue a very obscure Australian gem from the 1980s. Ironing Music were a three piece band from Brisbane. They originally formed in 1984 as a result of their collective love for New Order, Human League and eventually Jean Michel Jarre and Cabaret Voltaire. Comprised of bass and electic guitar, Yamaha DX-7, melodica and an 808, they recorded a 12” single as their sole outpt in 1985 in a limited run of 250 copies (obviously excruciatingly rare now!). It was recorded in their bedroom studio with at Teac 4 track. The video clip for the “hit” Shopping Bag Women was played on several national and local television music shows. They also recorded demos in hopes of landing a LP deal which unfortunately didn’t attract any takers at the time. They actually only played 3 gigs and were forced to disband after one of their members fell ill in 1986.

The LP presented here included the original 4 track single as well as hand picked demos which nicely congeal to form a well rounded LP documenting the band’s brief existence. They can best be described as lo-fi synth pop with an emphasis on excellent pop songs and interesting synth/instrument arrangements. The first track Shopping Bag Women is infectiously catchy and just screams to be worn out in the club. Fans of early to mid 80s synth pop and new romantic will fall in love. The tracks have been lovingly remastered by Martin Bowes at the Cage, London. Features original reproduction of the front cover painting.

Ironing Music: Ironing Music

Shopping Bag Women Ironing Music 4' 34''
Surviving Ironing Music 4' 24''
Guilty Ironing Music 3' 16''
Not Ashamed Ironing Music 3' 57''
Satisfied Ironing Music 2' 45''
New Friends Ironing Music 3' 31''
Imagination Ironing Music 3' 31''
Dance, Music, Rhythm, Art Ironing Music 3' 10''
Teenage Fantasies Ironing Music 3' 55''
Questions Ironing Music 3' 45''

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