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trong music is timeless. Ofelia was produced 20 years ago, the demo was lying in a drawer for 18 years until last autumn I found it again. And today it sounds as contemporary as made last night.

The album makes a Finnish version of Dreams Less Sweet by Psychic TV brought to mad 21-century. 80's industrial sounds blend with neo classical parts and contemporary drone music ending up to insane Dada-piece Ofelia.

Ismo Laakso: Ofelia

Translucent Ismo Laakso 1' 01''
Link 1 Ismo Laakso 51''
The Favourite Of The Emperor Ismo Laakso 1' 01''
Link 2 Ismo Laakso 1' 00''
Koskenhaltija Ismo Laakso 1' 00''
Water Stories Ismo Laakso 1' 00''
Smell Ismo Laakso 1' 01''
Ofelia Ismo Laakso 1' 00''

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