JS Truchy

Transmission in an Expanse of Firelight, Hear Me!

Root Strata RS102LP
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A linchpin of Montreal's experimental community for over two decades, Jean-Sébastien Truchy has performed with Fly Pan Am, Set Fire to Flames and Avec le soleil sortant de sa bouche among countless others as well as co-running the presently defunct Los Discos Enfantasmes label. After a string of tape releases on LDE, Digitalis, Sic Sic & others, Transmission in an Expanse of Firelight, Hear Me! is Truchy's first proper full length record. Combining elements of Musique concrète, field recordings, plaintive MIDI strings and emotive vocals Transmission… unfolds like a stage production or opera in which all the characters are refracted into one. In his own words “I try to look at sounds and structures as neutral elements that have not yet been categorized by preconceived thoughts, judgement and/or taste - to apply the idea of emptiness to sounds, structure and form.

JS Truchy: Transmission in an Expanse of Firelight, Hear Me!

Wearing Golden Robes, Tranquil and Smiling… JS Truchy 22' 24''
…You Shine in the Sky of My Mind JS Truchy 21' 02''

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