Jac Berrocal


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A real event: Jac Berrocal has not released disc for 20 years. The legendary French trumpeter is back with its special atmosphere and feeling. Lot of guests too.

Jacques "Jac" Berrocal (born 22 October 1946, Saint-Jean d'Angély) is a French trumpeter, singer and composer. He has been active since the 1970s in the independent and avant-garde music scene (he recorded/played with Steven Stapleton/Nurse With Wound and collaborated with Sunny Murray, Pascal Comelade, MKB (F. J. Ossang), James Chance, Alan Shorter, Bernard Vitet, Lol Coxhill, Michel Portal, Lizzy Mercier Descloux).
He has released a few important albums, mainly on his own label d'Avantage. He also founded and performed in the group Catalogue. Berrocal has appeared too in several films.
In 2011, we released an unique collaboration between him, Ghedalia Tazartès and David Fenech.

Jac Berrocal: MDLV

Aristocrates Jac Berrocal
Zwischen Shaan und Bendern Jac Berrocal
Do You Want A Dance Jac Berrocal
Palmyre Jac Berrocal
Lonely Woman Jac Berrocal
I Remember Jac Berrocal
Plaisir D'Amour Jac Berrocal
Priere Jac Berrocal
MDLV Jac Berrocal
Aether Jac Berrocal
The Eternal Jac Berrocal
Metallic Bay Jac Berrocal
Lietuva Hotel Jac Berrocal
Ministres En Conseil Jac Berrocal
Kinderlieder Jac Berrocal
Ultim Arlene Jac Berrocal
La Ralentir (Extract) Jac Berrocal
Signe Particulier Jac Berrocal
After The Rain Jac Berrocal

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