Jesse Aycock

Flowers & Wounds

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Jesse Aycock's latest album "Flowers & Wounds" was recorded @ the legendary Church Studio in Tulsa, OK (Once home to Leon Russell's Shelter Records). Tulsa native Eric Arndt, along with Neal Casal, and George Sluppick of (Chris Robinson Brotherhood) make up the rest of the band. It also features guest appearances by David Hidalgo (Los Lobos) Jimmy Karstein (JJ Cale, Eric Clapton, Joe ) Indy Gratto (Boondogs), and Al Gamble (City Champs). Flowers & Wounds was mixed by Jason Weinheimer @ "Fellowship Hall Sounds" in Little Rock, AR, & produced by Jason Weinheimer and Neal Casal.

Jesse Aycock: Flowers & Wounds

Where's The Light Jesse Aycock 5' 20''
House Of Love Jesse Aycock 3' 25''
Children Who Chase The Rain Jesse Aycock 4' 44''
Heavy Day Jesse Aycock 3' 52''
First To Last Jesse Aycock 4' 40''
Out To Space Jesse Aycock 3' 20''
Paint Me Different Colors Jesse Aycock 3' 32''
Strange Cloud Jesse Aycock 2' 29''
Flowers & Wounds Jesse Aycock 3' 09''
Leave Again Jesse Aycock 3' 45''
When The Day Crawls Out Of The Night Jesse Aycock 5' 32''
Look Inside Jesse Aycock 4' 53''

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