Jim O'Rourke

Simple Songs

Drag City DC620LP
  • LP: Spot-Gloss Tip-On Cover, incl. Printed Inner Sleeve
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There ARE no simple songs - only simple people. And since guns don't kill people, Simple Songs will have to do. Super-sweet terrorism from our very own latter-day Spector!

Jim O'Rourke: Simple Songs

Friends With Benefits Jim O'Rourke 5' 25''
That Weekend Jim O'Rourke 3' 15''
Half Life Crisis Jim O'Rourke 4' 42''
Hotel Blue Jim O'Rourke 3' 21''
These Hands Jim O'Rourke 3' 13''
Last Year Jim O'Rourke 5' 47''
End Of The Road Jim O'Rourke 5' 33''
All Your Love Jim O'Rourke 6' 22''

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