Joe Houpert / Norm Chambers


Desire Path Recordings PATHWAY008-D
  • 7”: Includes download, Ltd. to 150 copies
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Norm Chambers is best known for his work under the Panabrite moniker, where he creates soundtracks to retro-futuristic nature documentaries. Here, his contribution is similar, but the sound palate, mainly guitar as opposed to his ever-present fleet of synths, lends a more human touch to his intricate, fantastical krautrock. The result is just as engrossing, painting pictures of near-distant futures. Utopias, each one. Joe Houpert elevates his violin and tape racket to new heights here by closing the throttle, just a bit. Here, the excitement lies in the controlled breaths, the insistent pulse and the turns at each corner. You get light and dark at the same time, gorgeous melody backed with the din of mania, the country and city all at once. An exciting glimpse at classical music dragged through the mud.

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