Johanna Knuttson

Tollarp Transmissions

Kontra km053
  • LP: Ships May, 13
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Tollarp Transmissions is a deeply personal and moving album created by Johanna Knutsson. Closing herself off from the flutter of the outside world in her Berlin studio, Johanna has painted a series of melancholic yet warm pictures of her childhood for Kontra-Musik. Johanna grew up in the small hamlet of Tollarp in the south of Sweden, surrounded by fields, forests and silence – a priced commodity not to be found in Berlin. Each track is named after a physical memory of Tollarp, the intro Vramsån, for instance, is named after a stream close to Johanna’s home and heart. Befittingly, the first timbres of Vramsån remind one of Tuba Mirum from Mozart’s Requiem, solemnly played by an old ice cream truck. A sound every child in Sweden knows. Tollarp Transmissions is not a grand Requiem, however. It’s a heartbreaking Reminiscence.

Johanna Knuttson: Tollarp Transmissions

Vramsan Johanna Knuttson 5' 48''
Stackedala Johanna Knuttson 6' 18''
Kronogatan 7 Johanna Knuttson 7' 33''
Englessons vag 11 Johanna Knuttson 3' 10''
Kungsvagen 44 Johanna Knuttson 7' 25''
Linestorp Johanna Knuttson 5' 26''
Floraparken (digital only) Johanna Knuttson 7' 24''
Onskeboden (digital only) Johanna Knuttson 3' 55''

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