Jon Sheffield

It's Been So Long Since I've Seen The Ocean

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With "It's been so long sine I've seen the ocean" Jon Sheffield is presenting his very own sketch for a wonderful universe of sounds. With an amazing he merges electronic sounds with acoustic instruments (melodica, guitar and others) and wonderful voice samples that slip in between more like a sound and that bring a very emotional aspect into his songs ("Dear Yma"). His skills for arrangements make all tracks sound very dense and here and there beautiful melodies emerge from his songs that give the overall album a warm and sometimes even melancholic feel.

Jon Sheffield: It's Been So Long Since I've Seen The Ocean

Happy Aluminium Dennis Jon Sheffield 2' 59''
Poptart Jon Sheffield 3' 48''
Topics Collide Jon Sheffield 4' 16''
Dear Yma Jon Sheffield 4' 26''
Whimsican Dial Jon Sheffield 4' 04''
Tribe (for Crow) Jon Sheffield 4' 04''
Another Sunny Afternoon Jon Sheffield 3' 11''
Antarctica Jon Sheffield 5' 38''
Chocolate Spoon Jon Sheffield 4' 03''
Oisac Jon Sheffield 2' 53''
Vaudeville Jon Sheffield 3' 14''

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