Juergen De Blonde

Hidden Rabbit

Tomlab Tom010
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The new album by Juergen De Blonde brings a very new aspect into Tomlab releases: vocals and songs. This is popmusic at its best.

Juergen De Blonde is known as the man behind the project "Koehn" (=rabbit) , an electronica-bedroom-project with two CD releases on the belgian KRAAK label, filled with a lot of weird skippings and bleeps. Foreign press hyped the guy so much that it resulted in a several concerts through Europe and a support act for Sonic Youth in Brussels. And indeed, Koehn is one of the few electronic acts which is really enjoyable and refreshing to see performing.

With his CD for Tomlab, Juergen De Blonde was digging in his archives and what came out is a big step towards more guitar oriented popmusic. On "Hidden Rabbit" he is experimenting with beats and melodies like he is born to do nothing other than that. Wonderful guitars and vocals break down the barriers between hi-tech-electronica and songs. His soundlibrary shows fidelity to the Koehn project but the vocals and guitars bring more familiar facettes into the sound spectrum and if you listen closely, you'll discover real popmusic.

Juergen De Blonde: Hidden Rabbit

Surlepont Juergen De Blonde 2' 36''
Reincanary (for The Dead Birds) Juergen De Blonde 5' 56''
Spinning Dream Of A Japanese Boy Juergen De Blonde 2' 39''
Something Going Growing (special K) Juergen De Blonde 3' 27''
How Alien Abduction Eventually Leads To Misconceived… Juergen De Blonde 4' 07''
Order Now! Juergen De Blonde 4' 40''
Two Minutes Of Mourning Juergen De Blonde 2' 11''
Simple Observation Of Basic Facts Juergen De Blonde 3' 51''
Shady Brain (of Britney Spears) Juergen De Blonde 3' 32''
Maniac (for Meredith Brooks) Juergen De Blonde 3' 57''
Sinking: Loveboat Juergen De Blonde 1' 37''
Fast Freddy Aka William, Goldfish Juergen De Blonde 3' 04''
Sad Lullaby Juergen De Blonde 3' 46''

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