K. Leimer

Degraded Certainties

Palace Of Lights POL012010
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“Degraded Certainties was generated via the layering of arbitrarily ordered tone clusters and by using signal reprocessing as the principal method by which to determine the music’s timbre and form. Such production details are interesting but convey little, however, of how beautiful the six soundscapes are that (K.) Leimer and company have created. In the opening “Angoisse,” an occasional harp pluck appears amidst enveloping swathes of digital sound, while vaporous shimmer and hazy synth tones and phased slivers and lilting string plucks dominate elsewhere. A connection to classical minimalism emerges during “Common Nocturne” when sparse droplets of acoustic piano playing appear alongside gentle synthetic swells. Strings and electronics swim leisurely in deep electroacoustic seas, and ethereal, elegiac, tranquil, peaceful, and placid are just some of the words that might spring to mind as you listen to the recording’s time-suspending settings.” - Textura

K. Leimer founded Palace Of Lights in 1979. Leimer’s work has also been issued by Autumn, First Terrace, Les Giants, Origin Peoples, and RVNG as well as early work included in an upcoming Cherry Red retrospective of seminal U.S. electronica and the VOD box set American Cassette Culture. Leimer has been actively producing music since the mid 1970s—his current catalog includes 18 solo albums plus collaborative albums with Savant and Marc Barreca. His work is included in the collection of The British Library.

K. Leimer: Degraded Certainties

Angoisse K. Leimer 1' 30''
Hommage K. Leimer 1' 30''
Paper Telephone K. Leimer 1' 30''
Allotropy K. Leimer 1' 30''
Common Nocturne K. Leimer 1' 30''
French Opera K. Leimer 1' 30''

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