Kensington Gore


More Than Human MTH013LP
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6-track album full of propulsive electronics, eerie sci-fi soundscapes and Kosmische chug.

For all it’s dark eldritch tones and dystopian leanings ‘Hexagon’ is a curiously optimistic record. There’s darkness in the anxious synth stabs for sure but also wistful melodies and subtle shades of instrumentation - which seems fitting as the band are named after the fake blood used in old Hammer horror films; it’s an intriguing combination.

Like an ancient curse whispered in a space station.

RIYL Pye Corner Audio, Tangerine Dream, Neu!

Kensington Gore: Hexagon

Scaly Pholiota Kensington Gore 2' 00''
Light Pours from the Hollow Kensington Gore 2' 00''
Incinerator Kensington Gore 2' 00''
Night Hag Syndrome Kensington Gore 2' 00''
Null Entropy Kensington Gore 2' 00''
Sleeper Pod Kensington Gore 2' 00''

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