Kevin Drumm

Inexplicable Hours

  • 2LP+CD: 6-panel double gatefold sleeve
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Inexplicable Hours is the sequel of the successful 6CD boxset Elapsed Time, also released by Sonoris in 2017.

The first LP documents a new direction in his music, with some of his last electroacoustic experimentations with audio generators, field recordings, and various electronic devices. The second one explores the same ambient/drone territories as the boxset, with tracks less static and more complex than it appears on the first listen. And as always with recent Kevin Drumm's music there's a sense of majesty, of mystery and a melancholic beauty that is uniquely his own.

"The vast array of styles and works to be had here makes it an engaging challenge, one that can differ widely from disc to disc, but never lacks the cohesion and touch of a master craftsman and composer working at the top of his game." (Brainwashed)

"These pieces, despiste their lenght, are like perfect miniatures, timeless puzzles that you try and unravel through close listening. And their sense of place, of home, of sanctuary, feels more important than ever right now." (The Wire)

Kevin Drumm: Inexplicable Hours

The Forthright Fool Kevin Drumm 2' 00''
The Loop A Kevin Drumm 2' 00''
The Loop B Kevin Drumm 2' 00''
Old Connections Kevin Drumm 2' 00''
A Blind Spot Kevin Drumm 2' 00''
Social Interaction Kevin Drumm 2' 00''
Social Interaction Kevin Drumm 2' 00''

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