M Is A Shape

Ecstatic ELP008
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Ecstatic welcomes L/F/D/M to the fold with his debut record M Is A Shape. L/F/D/M is London based producer Richard Smith. The artist first emerged in 2013, inaugurating the Optimo Trax series with the Purple Maps EP. In 2014 he teamed up with Factory Floor's Dominic Butler to release two EP's of hardware-driven atonal techno on Powell's Diagonal Records.

'M Is A Shape' bristles with cloudy, industrial, stripped down acid/techno, landing somewhere between Berghain, the warehouse sound of the late '90s and the caustic spirit of EBM.

Richard Smith:
"The title comes from a time when I was producing all these collages, abstracting a theme, trying to get it down to the perfect motif, the perfect shape that summed up exactly what I'm trying to get across and then just when I got there I kinda stepped back and was like; oh it's just a fucking M!
The same M that if I had looked at it a month before I would have perhaps only saw the letter and not the shape, that always interested me; the starting point at where you come to an image, one day something can just really catch you off guard."

L/F/D/M: M Is A Shape

Untitled (Opening Scene) L/F/D/M 1' 48''
Drifting Pyramid L/F/D/M 3' 43''
Insect Cylinders L/F/D/M 5' 15''
New X L/F/D/M 2' 01''
Sun Shape L/F/D/M 5' 12''
Book of Five L/F/D/M 2' 39''
Black Shadows L/F/D/M 6' 02''
No Cure L/F/D/M 4' 11''
Tape Tension Pt.1 L/F/D/M 2' 23''
2040_0305 L/F/D/M 2' 42''

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