Lali Puna

Move On / After All Stop

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Move On’, taken from the recent Lali Puna album ‘Our Inventions’, is a track, that summarizes pretty well what Lali Puna is about: it starts with a quite abstract and kicking beat, that is accompanied by Valerie Trebeljahr’s voice (in it’s monotonous, it’s ‘staccato’ mode) – but then the refrain comes in: and thanks to the generous harmonies the whole song now suddenly blossoms out, but without losing focus.
Also the previously unreleased flipside shows the timeless qualities of the band: A long introducing part, that uses the voice only as a transcendent instrument, may make you stop expecting the appearance of lyrics or a refrain. Just then Valerie starts to sing.
With this 7inch also a video by the London based artist Yu Sato for 'Move On' is released.

Lali Puna: Move On / After All Stop

Move On (Single Version) Lali Puna 3' 41''
After All Stop Lali Puna 3' 11''

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