Le Révélateur

Extreme Events

Root Strata RS94LP
  • LP: Includes download
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Five years after founding Le Révélateur, Montreal-bred musician Roger Tellier-Craig returns to Root Strata with Extreme Events, a collection of dense sonic studies that betray a futuristic and timeless beauty. Alongside collaborator Sabrina Ratté, who creates the project’s videos and live visuals, Le Révélateur operates at the ideological intersection of audio and visual, analog and digital, nostalgic and anticipatory, human and machine. Extreme Events is characterized by complex rhythmic asymmetry and twinkling aesthetic resonance – ultimately a prescient re-vision of hypothetical cyberpunk futures realized in the desert of digital decay and burgeoning artificial ecologies.

Le Révélateur: Extreme Events

Stream Terminal Le Révélateur 10'20''
Loading Vistas Le Révélateur 4'52''
Fiber Miles Away Le Révélateur 5'04''
Followers Le Révélateur 4'15''
Machine Ecology Le Révélateur 7'54''
Afterimage Selves Le Révélateur 3'51''
Vues Illimitées Le Révélateur 3'23''

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