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The second long-player from LICHENS (aka ROB LOWE), like his first, is an ascent to a higher plane. Lowe’s sound recordings are of a distinctly personal nature, works turned inward as much as they are projected outward. This new album was conceived with the idea of it being a continuation of the first, while using slightly different techniques in recording and editing, all while remaining firmly within the realm of improvisation, augmented with the use of skeletal frameworks. Includes a DVD featuring a single live 28-minute performance from 2006.

Lichens: Omns

Vevor of Agassou Lichens 2' 00''
Faeries Lichens 2' 00''
Bune Lichens 2' 00''
M St R Ng W Tchcr Ft L V Ng n Sp R T Lichens 2' 00''
Sighns Lichens 2' 00''

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