Liquid Idiot / Idiot Orchestra

Liquid Idiot / Idiot Orchestra

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Prior to forming Liquid Liquid in 1981, the band members were in two other groups: Liquid Idiot and Idiot Orchestra. While these ensembles sounded more experimental than groove-oriented, the beginnings of Liquid Liquid’s spatial / conceptual framework can be heard here.

Liquid Idiot started at Rutgers University in the late ’70s and soon relocated to NYC where they performed at various lofts and clubs including Tier 3, Mudd Club and CBGB. The band even encouraged audience members to bring their own instruments to their early shows. Idiot Orchestra was an offshoot that included a dozen or more players (clarinet, sax, trumpet, violin, cello, synth, bass, marimba and drums) resembling a no wave version of Raymond Scott’s big band.

As musician and artist Richard McGuire recalls, "We weren’t trying to sound like anyone. We weren’t imitating anyone. We were just playing. I keep using ‘outsider art’ as a reference to what we were doing. None of it was made for a market; it wasn’t made with any intention other than the enjoyment of making it."

This split archival LP collects two rare 7-inches from 1978 and 1980, both of which were originally pressed in hyper-limited editions and self-released by the bands. The package also features a fanzine of ephemera, rare photos and new interview with McGuire.

Liquid Idiot / Idiot Orchestra: Liquid Idiot / Idiot Orchestra

Medium Egg Liquid Idiot 34''
Sweat Smelling Jungel Liquid Idiot 1' 03''
Hollow Baton Liquid Idiot 1' 02''
Scotty Laughs Liquid Idiot 1' 16''
Times When I Go Liquid Liquid Idiot 1' 09''
Mr Vacume Liquid Idiot 1' 00''
Yeah I Know Liquid Idiot 29''
Brown Paper Suit Liquid Idiot 42''
Coco & The Shakedown Liquid Idiot 14''
Big City Idiot Orchestra 1' 02''
Jungle Idiot Orchestra 46''
Duets Idiot Orchestra 2' 00''
Four Bursts 96 Fingers Idiot Orchestra 2' 00''
Appolo Thinner Idiot Orchestra 2' 00''
Is Ken Here Idiot Orchestra 09''

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