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Mark Van Hoen (prior jaunts in Seefeel, Scala, Autocreation among others) as Locust emerges with the first of a series of EPs for Transfusions that dive into unadulterated techno spaces that you were clearly not prepared for. Four powerful weapons start this series with sounds and textures that clearly incorporate Locust’s indescribable signature that we have all fallen in love with but take the dance floor to an undisclosed locale where deep vibes transfix our minds into pure bliss. Armed with a new razor sharp identity and vision, we are in for an adventure. Completely new Locust logo and extra special sleeve artwork masterminded by Paul Nicholson (OG Aphex Twin artwork visionary). This is serious.

Locust: Red

Fuck These Days Locust 6' 27''
Kiss Locust 6' 47''
Sick Bitch Locust 5' 36''
Fear Locust 6' 12''

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