Ones And Sixes

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For more than two decades, Low have experimented with the intricacies and finer details of music. In a musical landscape of overindulgence and audio compression, it certainly makes a change to hear a band for whom every strum and drumbeat sounds delicately poised.

Ones and Sixes is their 11th album and has been garnering impressive reviews already: Mojo said it was “one of the most impressive albums of their career, and still feels like their best work is ahead of them.”

At times, the album feels as hushed and unobtrusive as ever, but at others Low retain the power to surprise.

Low: Ones And Sixes

Gentle Low
No Comprende Low
Spanish Translation Low
Congregation Low
No End Low
Into You Low
What Part Of Me Low
The Innocents Low
Kid In The Corner Low
Lies Low
Landslide Low
DJ Low

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