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Luke Temple’s Both-And was made during the winter and spring of 2018. It’s a record best put on and not directly listened to. Sweep your floor, do your dishes, let the thwack of your hard heels while you’r’e walking to get your laundry become a wood block too loud in the mix. It’s a record much like a day, things come and go, sometimes heavy, sometimes light, sometimes with poetic continuity and sometimes with abrupt groundlessness.

Both-And is a record encompassing both the beautiful and the jarring, both the bright pop-hooks of Temple’s work with Here We Go Magic and a thrilling experimental bent with songs looking directly at living within time passing. At times it’s as if a Talk Talk live recording session floated afterwards into a Buenos Aires square in springtime, with ecstatic nods to the West Marin landscape where Temple resides throughout.

“ ‘Wounded Brightness,’ the lead single from Temple’s forthcoming album Both-And, refracts his earliest Sufjan Stevens-meets-Timothy Leary freak-folk through a mature, bossa nova prism.” -Paste

“His voice is both whispery and confident, raspy and smooth, close and distant — essentially placing him alongside other entrancing singer-songwriters like Alexi Murdoch or José González.” -Consequence of Sound

Luke Temple: Both-And

(O) Luke Temple 1' 46''
Don't Call me Windy Luke Temple 3' 40''
Wounded Brightness Luke Temple 4' 18''
(D) Luke Temple 2' 05''
Given Our Good Life Luke Temple 5' 58''
Taking Chances Luke Temple 4' 01''
Empty Promises Luke Temple 3' 56''
Henry in Forever Phases Luke Temple 3' 57''
200,000,000 Years of Fucking Luke Temple 5' 13''
Least Of Me Luke Temple 4' 32''
(A) Luke Temple 1' 47''
Walking Iris Luke Temple 4' 09''

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