Woodsist WOODSIST 087 LP
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MV & EE take their homespun hypnotics and cosmic country sounds to new levels on Root / Void. I love this album— it trips hard and hauntingly—a gift for languid golden afternoons or late night moonlight powwows. Anthem-worthy tape edits on some cuts crack open surreal and cinematic vistas. While joined by fellow travelers here and there, this album remains in essence a fecund duet from two entwined souls, updating and re-defining their unique pool of sound. Intrepid audio bathers: get thee immersed! —Lee Renaldo, Italy, July 2016

MV & EE: Root/Void

Love Lemma / Herb Slang MV & EE
Much Obliged MV & EE
No $ / Shit Space - It's All About The Coin A Corn MV & EE
I Wanna See U Far Away MV & EE
Love Is Everyone Toaob MV & EE
Yr My Jam MV & EE
Feel Alright MV & EE
I'm Still In Love With You Love / Void MV & EE

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