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6 years ago, machinone (Daizo Kato) from Tohoku, moved to the west side of Tokyo, and opened a new chapter of his life. During these 6 years, he has been drawn to the fascinating surroundings of the town he stayed – a wonderful mix of modernization from the current time and nostalgic vestiges of the urban past. And thus, his debut album “Tokyo” was born – a collection of machinone’s delicate sketches of the town.

Using prepared guitar, with bow and bell, banjo, clarinet, stepping organ, wood toys, tape recorder, small piano, and various other musical instruments, mechinone gently outlined his various impressions of Tokyo. Soft finger-picking guitar playing, melodies with a sense of nostalgic, warm tape noise touches, ensemble of lush acoustic instruments, field recordings and ambient sounds that came from outside of his bedroom, encapsulate his sounds in a very unique way. This delicate debut album from machinone also made perfect by guest musicians like Takashi Tsuda (Radiosonde), Danny Norbury, Federico Durand, and elegantly mastered by Naph, who all together gave the album wonderful doses of beauty and exquisiteness.

Machinone: Toko

Bell Guitar Machinone 1' 55''
Ruoho Machinone 2' 12''
Tokyo Machinone 2' 43''
Siksy Machinone 3' 54''
Harutsugedori Machinone 2' 29''
Driftwood Machinone 2' 33''
Flower Stamp Machinone 3' 08''
Windwijzer Machinone 3' 46''
Haimidori Machinone 1' 59''
Michiyuki Machinone 5' 49''
Vihrea Machinone 3' 11''
Swallow Song Machinone 3' 15''
Giddy Machinone 1' 07''
Tears Of Kivi Machinone 3' 01''
Tegami Machinone 2' 45''
Miston Machinone 1' 50''
Gossamer Machinone 1' 37''
Aerosol Machinone 3' 02''
Juha Machinone 3' 43''

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