Masaya Ozaki & Kaito Nakahori


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Mythologies is the result of a dialog between the artist/photographer Erwan Morère and the music artists Masaya Ozaki & Kaito Nakahori initiated by IIKKI between August 2016 and August 2017.

Masaya Ozaki is a composer and multi-instrumentalist born in Niigata, Japan, and currently based in Brooklyn, New York. His work centres around the ideas of space, transience, the subtleties of small moments, the sensitivity of the ephemera, the possibility of sound in an exceedingly materialistic world. He finds inspiration in nature, the minute and elusive details of human interaction, and art. He released his first full-length album "Fluid And Dreaming Of Stripes" in 2015, creating a textured ambience by employing among others piano, string instruments, and sound manipulations with field recordings, tape loops and digital processes. He has a major in film scoring from Berklee College of Music, and has worked scoring music for film, TV and the advertising industry.

Kaito Nakahori is a Tokyo-born contemporary classical composer with a bachelor’s from Toho College of Music and masters from San Francisco Conservatory of Music. He has been residing in New York since 2014. His music aims to authentically and elegantly blend traditional Japanese with Western elements, creating such pieces as koto and chamber ensembles, or hichiriki and string quartets. His portrait concert entitled "Music For Peace" was held at the United Nations in New York in May 2015. He was the composer-in-residence with Khemia Ensemble in 2015/16 and conductor with Hai-Dao Ensemble in 2014/2015. He has won numerous awards and prizes and his works have been performed by various orchestras and ensembles in the US, Japan and Europe.

Masaya Ozaki & Kaito Nakahori: Mythologies

Aperture Masaya Ozaki & Kaito Nakahori 1' 56''
Float Masaya Ozaki & Kaito Nakahori 9' 23''
Rituals Masaya Ozaki & Kaito Nakahori 3' 53''
Unfold Masaya Ozaki & Kaito Nakahori 3' 40''
Entropy Masaya Ozaki & Kaito Nakahori 4' 02''
Circular Masaya Ozaki & Kaito Nakahori 6' 42''
Horizon Masaya Ozaki & Kaito Nakahori 4' 56''
Singular Masaya Ozaki & Kaito Nakahori 2' 13''

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