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Aakash marks the debut recording of Portland, OR based trio Matt Carlson, Michael Stirling and Doug Theriault. Derived from live improvisational performances, Root Strata veteran Carlson’s (of Golden Retriever) rich analog synthesizers are joined by real time processing of Stirling’s (a disciple of late Hindustani Master Pandit Pran Nath and student of Terry Riley) lilting voice and the idiosyncratic guitar work and electronics of Theriault. Dipping into a kind of liminal void, Aakash isn’t just cosmic raga. It’s a subtle journey, micro visions of inner terrain.

Matt Carlson / Michael Stirling / Doug Theriault: Aakash

Mishra Bhairavi Matt Carlson / Michael Stirling / Doug Theriault 18'23''
Clouds into Midnight Matt Carlson / Michael Stirling / Doug Theriault 20'25''

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