Matt Christensen


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You might be familiar with Matt Christensen as singer and guitarist of atmospheric masterminds Zelienople. His most recent solo endeavour however embodies a song writer deeply involved with his own vision of sound, resulting in an accomplishment strong enough to stand on its own. Matt delivers a longing and emotional outreach through Honeymoons’ six delicate songs and immersing into them provides a feeling of understanding and affiliation that turns solitude into a state of awareness and insight.

The sparse instrumentation of broad guitar/effects and incisive drum machine adds immediacy to this recording and the airy arrangements keep the perfect balance between song structure, free-form playfulness and silence. Accompanied by Matt’s echoing voice and personal lyrics, his recipe is being formed and dilated into an experience that requires devotion to be fully perceived and appreciated. "Im See-Through" may be the protagonist's self-perception but by guiding his compositions through foggy, pliant tone constellations he leaves us in doubt that Matt's output could ever be considered transparent.

His new album and first for Miasmah is a perfect reminder of how interfering contradictions can make the most interesting installations. The confrontation of organic guitar movements, stirring poetry and patterns of beat arrangements create fascinating tension: Honeymoons’ full scale won't unfold instantly but you will be captivated right away. We’re allowed a deeply moving glance into a contemplative musician's mind by witnessing an outstanding statement for imparting the feeling of companionship.

Matt Christensen: Honeymoons

Honeymoons Matt Christensen 5' 32''
Sometimes Matt Christensen 9' 37''
The Stage Says No Matt Christensen 4' 33''
I'm See Through Matt Christensen 5' 21''
Los Angeles Matt Christensen 5' 13''
Let Me In Matt Christensen 7' 54''

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