Taz and May Vids

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We first heard the classic Go track on the Micachu VS Kwake Bass ‘Meat Batch Mix’ featured on Andrew Meza’s BTS Radio, and have wanted to issue it ever since.

It seemed unbelievable to us that this killer Mica/Tirzah track had never been issued. The video has been up on Mica’s youtube account since 2011, and adds perfectly twisted imagery to the joyous music, an earworm of the highest order.

Once we asked Mica to release it, she supplied us with a swathe of other material that knocked us off our feet. The depth and variety of this material has been teasingly reduced to 5 other pieces for now: a similar slammer of a track is ‘Dare You’, another Mica/Tirzah collab that ‘s just as much of a banger as ‘Go’.

Also included is some of her more abstract work with Tirzah on the woozy ‘Trip6Love’ and intro, plus their cohort Brother May on ‘More Red’ as well as including Mica’s otherworldly ‘Chimes 7!’.

Finally the DDS edit of ‘I Dare You’, recorded in one take with us playing around with sections and sounds, extending the track like we would with 2 copies of the vinyl.

Demdike Stare - Feb 2016

Micachu: Taz and May Vids

Intro Micachu 00' 00''
GO (with Tirzah) Micachu 00' 00''
Dare You (with Tirzah) Micachu 00' 00''
Chimes 7! Micachu 00' 00''
Trip6love (with Tirzah) Micachu 00' 00''
More Red (with Brother May) Micachu 00' 00''
I Dare You (Demdike Stare edit) Micachu 00' 00''

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