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The first release in 8 years on EMD brings Mika Vainio in full action. Tracks with beats, groovy, experimental and/or hardcore all on one album, initiating the continuation of the label's activities with a series of releases. The logo on the cover can be read "reat" and means both a bad behaving child and something really evil. It is also a logo of a big company, whose name will not be mentioned, since EMD is not an advertising agency, to be highlighted here for the newcomers.

Mika Vainio invents sublime electronic scapes with a poetic approach. Half of the tracks have his caracteristic imprint the other half reach out to another wasteland or universe, at a minimum. A trust-worthy cooperation between two underground submarine sandwiches.

Mika Vainio: Reat

Secondhand Twilight Mika Vainio
Give Em Hell Echo Pappa Mika Vainio
A Season In Harar 1881 Mika Vainio
Horse Can Stand Mika Vainio
Diderik & Iselin Mika Vainio
Gear Mika Vainio
And Around Coils Of Horns Mika Vainio
Ant Steamtrap Mika Vainio

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