All We Will Become

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Misha is multi-instrumentalist/writer/producer John Chao (lap steel, violin, guitar, accordion, others) with a small set of friends (Ronit Granot, Amy Vachal). Called “Band to Watch” by Stereogum, featured on MTV Iggy, and “Best New Track” by Pitchfork for debut Teardrop Sweetheart, All We Will Become is Misha’s second album and relaunch for Tomlab.

Written after the end of a long creative and romantic partnership, All We Will Become is a pop album about love in its many incarnations through our lives, from start to end - of rapturously falling head over heels, of togetherness, of loss and grief, and the beauty that comes after.

Recorded in NYC, Tokyo, and Texas, All We Will Become draws upon the influences of Chao’s upbringing - the celebratory and elegiac sounds of New Orleans in “Elater,” 70’s Bollywood of RD Burman in “You,” classical coda in “In Reverse,” Tx high school drum corps of “Optical,” and lineage of Richard Thompson and Neil Finn, juxtaposed with modern production - to create pop songs that look forward, yet are grounded in specific sense of place & tradition.

Informed by Buddhism, the concept of reincarnation plays a significant role in the album thematically and sonically. Like love, All We Will Become attempts to create something unexpected and unique from universal sensation, of familiar with the unfamiliar, like something long lost and newly discovered.

Misha: All We Will Become

This is How it Must Begin Misha 2' 50''
You Misha 3' 31''
We re Gonna Have it Out Modern Love Misha 2' 56''
Limelight Misha 4' 41''
Optical Illusion of the Heart Misha 3' 34''
Elater Misha 5' 47''
Nightshades Misha 4' 36''
In Reverse Misha 5' 23''
Blood is Hard Enough Misha 3' 20''
Everywhere and Everything Misha 3' 15''
Lion Bark Misha 3' 07''
Chartres Misha 1' 28''

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