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After having met through various other projects over the course of 2014, MOTHER OF THE UNICORN set out to record their debut album in early Autumn of that year with producer Tad Klimp (Fenster/Saroos/Slow Steve). Combining in uences from glitch music's 'aesthetic of failure' with the limitations of an analog recording set up Variations combines abstract electronics with the warm warble of old organs and some slightly rusty guitars. It's like an old wooden room lled with the light of a disco ball, nostalgic, hypnotic and a bit sparkly. The lyrical themes include travel, economics and clubbing. Listen with a cup of tea and a hangover.

Mother of the Unicorn: Variations

Variations Mother of the Unicorn 1' 00''
Even Lines Mother of the Unicorn 3' 11''
Lunch Time Mother of the Unicorn 2' 04''
No Lunch on Milton Mother of the Unicorn 4' 47''
Layout Mother of the Unicorn 3' 52''
Fabric Mother of the Unicorn 4' 13''
Holidays Mother of the Unicorn 3' 18''
O Vile Line Mother of the Unicorn 3' 32''

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