Motohiko Hamase


Studio Mule Studio Mule 10 LP
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Motohiko Hamase's 1986 album. In the 1970's Hamase was no stranger to Tokyo's vibrant jazz scene. Together with jazz pianist Tsuyoshi Yamamoto and jazz-rock guitarist Kazumi Watanabe he played in the Isao Suzuki sextet and was part of their classic landmark jazz-funk album "Ako's Dream" from 1976. From 1985 to 1993, Hamase released five solo albums. "Reminiscence" features deeply touching moments of sheer pristine perfection and distributes Hamase's inner emotional landscape with a bewitching bass performance. A soothingly beauty of an album, that reflects Hamase's search for spaces of melancholy.

Motohiko Hamase: Reminiscence

Childhood Motohiko Hamase 1' 30''
Intermezzo Motohiko Hamase 1' 30''
Tree Motohiko Hamase 1' 30''
Reminiscence Motohiko Hamase 1' 28''
Water Meadow Motohiko Hamase 1' 29''
Doll Motohiko Hamase 1' 30''
Na Mo Che Motohiko Hamase 1' 30''

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