Trust Us

Stickman Records Psychobabble012LP
  • 2LP: White Vinyl Edition, Gatefold Sleeve, incl. printed Inners
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Trust Us is the seventh full-length studio album by the Norwegian Indierock-band Motorpsycho.

The tracks "Ozone" and "Hey, Jane" were also released as EPs. In 1999, The song "Vortex surfer" was selected by the NRK P3 radio-station as the "song of the millennium", and was played continuously for 24 hours on December 31.

The cover-art was, as usual, made by Kim Hiorthøy, who also directed the promo-videos for the two EPs.

Motorpsycho: Trust Us

Psychonaut Motorpsycho
Ozone Motorpsycho
The Ocean In Her Eye Motorpsycho
Vortex Surfer Motorpsycho
Siddhardtino Motorpsycho
577 Motorpsycho
Evernine Motorpsycho
Mantrick Muffin Stomp Motorpsycho
Radiance Freq. Motorpsycho
Taifun Motorpsycho
Superstooge Motorpsycho
Coventry Boy Motorpsycho
Hey, Jane Motorpsycho
Dolphyn Motorpsycho

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