Mustapha Skandrani

Istikhbars And Improvisations

EM Records EM1096LP
  • LP: 2017 repress, with english and japanese liner notes
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The always excellent people of EM Records repressed their small-run reissue of the beautiful piano music of Mr. Skandrani. Recorded in 1965 in Paris and originally released on the legendary Pathé label.

Mustapha Skandrani. Besides having an excellent name, this man, a luminary of Algerian music, possessed a unique musical sense, able to transcend the borders of musical cultures to create a distinctive fusion of Arabo-Andalusian and European styles.

Istikhbars And Improvisations, recorded in 1965 in Paris, is a solo piano album presenting a trans-Mediterranean crossover based on traditional Algerian vocal pieces known as Istikhbars. Playing these istikhbars (which have roots in the Islamic Arabo-Andalusian culture which flourished in Spain) on the piano, that quintessentially European instrument, Skandrani was greeted with derision by some purists. Skandrani's powerful musical vision, however, perceives the European element involved in Arabo-Andalusian musical culture, a world of exchange and co-existence, and his decision to play this music on the piano reminds us of this European influence.

Skandrani's modus operandi on this release is to present each istikhbar, modal in nature, then to play an improvisation based on the istikhbar and its attendant mode. This A/B alternation continues throughout. The pellucid clarity of Skandrani's playing on this album may remind the listener of a modal Goldberg Variations, Bach and Glenn Gould transplanted to Andalucia. Other ears will hear the Arabic/Maghreb elements more strongly. Skandrani's precise touch and clear, symmetrical rhythmic sense links both worlds, assuring us that the Mediterranean is not a barrier, but a unifier, and that the differences between the cultures are not vast. This is an admirable acheivement, resulting in beautiful music of a rare charm.

Mustapha Skandrani was born in Algiers in 1920, and died there in 2005. He mastered a number of instruments at an early age, and his musical prowess led him to work with the great singers and ensembles of his day, in live performances, recordings, and radio broadcasts. Later in his life, he devoted much energy to education.

Mustapha Skandrani: Istikhbars And Improvisations

Mode Raml Maya Mustapha Skandrani 1' 02''
Improvisations Mustapha Skandrani 2' 00''
Mode Moual Mustapha Skandrani 1' 16''
Improvisations Mustapha Skandrani 49''
Mode Sika Mustapha Skandrani 1' 16''
Improvisations Mustapha Skandrani 47''
Mode Araq Mustapha Skandrani 1' 19''
Improvisations Mustapha Skandrani 1' 13''
Mode Mezmoum Mustapha Skandrani 2' 00''
Improvisations Mustapha Skandrani 50''
Mode Sahli Mustapha Skandrani 46''
Improvisations Mustapha Skandrani 55''
Mode Ghrib Mustapha Skandrani 55''
Improvisations Mustapha Skandrani 1' 07''
Mode Zidane Mustapha Skandrani 1' 06''
Improvisations Mustapha Skandrani 1' 05''
Mode Kourdi Mustapha Skandrani 1' 12''
Improvisations Mustapha Skandrani 58''

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