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May 2018 marks the release of two new N records on Denovali records. A new solo record by N(44) 'Vreden' and a collaboration by N(52) + Dirk Serries 'SC00'

The second record is N(52) + Dirk Serries 'SC00', finally. Dirk and N intended to work together since a very long time and sent soundfiles to each other. But it was quite a long time until N(42) + Dirk Serries 'Kehr' became real: a hybrid between a split and a collaboration, with N having played all music using the guitar / fx / amps setup and Dirk Serries doing sound-treatments, arrangement and collaging. This album was the point to get it started and now we present you 'SC00', the first album of the Scatterwound trilogy. After a try-out as a small run on tape, released by Midira records, the two tracks are now available on vinyl for the first time. Recorded during a soundcheck way back in time at Franziskus Kirche at Cologne, the music that was sleeping on a hard-disk somewhere in the archives had already really started the collaboration without us knowing about that... With some sparse melodies playing around each other on the first track, building up a wall of sound on the second one, without any hint who played what in the end, the music is raw and energetic, atmospheric and dark; just two guitars without any overdubs that work together as one multi-string, multi amp instrument...

N(52) + Dirk Serries: Scatterwound 0.0

110512 N(52) + Dirk Serries 15' 29''
110513 N(52) + Dirk Serries 11' 46''

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