33 33

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NPVR is moniker taken on board by PITA AKA Peter Rehberg and Factory Floor’s Nik Void. 33 33 is their debut recording. Peter and Nik both share formidable reputations in the post industrial shape-shifting world of sound and form with a vast range of releases and collaborative endeavours over a number of years. Together they tie together their collective experience into a vast array of sonic devices unleashing an album of pragmatic imbalance and psychedelic orientation. Blurring the lines of techno, ambient, avant garde, noise etc.

33 33 positions itself in the nebulous realm of contemporary (dis)comfort presenting itself on the border of music and sound, the social and the private.

NPVR: 33 33

Meantime (Part 4) NPVR 5' 05''
Twin Cases NPVR 8' 56''
Meantime (Part 1) NPVR 4' 46''
Free Founder NPVR 5' 25''
DEABG (# 1 & 2) NPVR 9' 57''

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