Naked Lights

On Nature

Castle Face CF 069 LP
  • LP: Includes download
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From the first few seconds through to the end, On Nature is intensely addictive and welcomely unpredictable. Shades of post-punk, dub, even anarcho-punk are thrillingly blended into wholly futuristic shapes that defy easy categorization. The cross-talking guitars speak their own thorny language, the atmosphere is wide-focus and carries a subtle tang of danger, and it’s topped off with unique vocals that are as in-your-face as they are intriguing and foreign.

Naked Lights: On Nature

New Carrion Naked Lights 2' 00''
Pictus Naked Lights 39''
On Nature Naked Lights 1' 18''
Nicht Leiden Naked Lights 48''
Hedges Naked Lights 2' 00''
Mechanical Eye Naked Lights 49''
Blue Ink Naked Lights 2' 00''
Mostly Bag Naked Lights 36''
Pool On A Platter Naked Lights 1' 18''
Clock Support Naked Lights 43''
Silhouette Naked Lights 1' 02''
Barrel Naked Lights 1' 10''
Peep Hole Naked Lights 46''
Trepanning Naked Lights 2' 00''
Undo Naked Lights 40''

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