Nathaniel Young

Accosting Form, Pure Intent

Mysteries Of The Deep MOTDLP005
  • LP: 140 gr., white Vinyl
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Nathaniel Young’s new album for Mysteries of the Deep - is a contradiction that makes sense. At once raw and elegant, it emerges from a place of constraint and desire. Its individual tracks reflect this paradox as the album unlocks itself like a koan: a riddle that, once solved, dawns on the listener like an epiphany. Metallic emanations in “Communal Dysphoria” and “Comfort in Form,” interpolated with echo and reverb, arise from the void and disappear back into it, moving like scattered precipitation over rugged, rhythmic terrain. Certain tracks speak to certain influences: in “Extrasolar” and “May I Speak Candidly,” drone is tempered by synth pads and wistful ambience. “Zion Waits for No One” brings to mind a sense of the Chthonic: a dark, primitive creature submerged. A monster from the loch that at times breaks through the still, watery surface. Despite the assorted elements at work, a visceral quality binds everything together. Even the record’s more subdued works are textured and tangible, at times balancing or playing against the serrated edges of its more structured pieces. Like all compelling works, the sounds here exist in a liminal space that is not entirely classifiable. Still, it is wholly cohesive in both its moodiness and its adeptness. Releases on Umor Rex, Blankstairs, Phinery Tapes, Hospital Productions

Nathaniel Young: Accosting Form, Pure Intent

Limitation Without Direction Nathaniel Young 2' 00''
Zion Waits For No One Nathaniel Young 2' 00''
Comfort In Form Nathaniel Young 2' 00''
Recessed Constraint Nathaniel Young 2' 00''
Communal Dysphoria Nathaniel Young 2' 00''
Extrasolar Nathaniel Young 2' 00''
May I Speak Candidly Nathaniel Young 2' 00''
Graying Dawn Nathaniel Young 2' 00''

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